English 105


Attention students!

I am changing the due-date of the interview essay assignment. Unfortunately, I will not be able to respond to all of your essays this weekend, though I will try. I will give you time in class on Wednesday to conference with me and continue to make revisions and have the essay due the following week if you want more time.

Thanks for your patience!


Topic for Discussion/Classroom Work
Reading AssignmentDue Next Class
Week 1: Wednesday July 20
Class Introductions. Diagnostic Essay. Reviewing Pre-writing Skills.
Week 2: Wednesday July 27
Syllabus Quiz. Critical Reading. Vocabulary and grammar useage. Interview.

  • Read chapter 5 (pgs 95-124), “38 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police” pg 679, “Arrival at Manzanar” pg 684.
Week 3: Wednesday August 3
Workshop Draft of Interview Essay DueBring four copies of your draft. Workshop guidelines. Vocab Quiz. Revision Activity.

Week 4: Wednesday August 10
Final Draft Interview Essay Due. Draft of Narrative Essay Due

  • Interview Essay Read “A Day at the Theme Park” pg 669, “Walking on the Moon” pg 675
Week 5: Wednesday August 17
  • Workshop Draft of Narrative Essay Due. Description, critical reading, grammar.
  • Read “I Stand Here Ironing” (handout) answer questions 1-4. Revise Description Essay.

Week 6: Wednesday August 24
Final Draft Narrative Essay Due. Comparison and Contrast, parallel structure, outlining.
  • Read “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” pg 625, “My Real Car,” pg 623.
Week 7:Wednesday August 31
  • Workshop Draft of Compare/Contrast Essay due.
  • Read “Neat People vs Sloppy People” (handout) answer questions 1-5. Revise Compare/Contrast Essay.

Week 8: Wednesday September 7
Final Draft Compare/Contrast Essay Due. Cause/Effect/Argument/Benchmark.
  • Read “Mystery” pg 657, “Cell Phones and Social Graces” pg 659.
Week 9: Wednesday September 14
Argument.Workshop Draft of Benchmark Essay Due. Time to work on presentations.
  • Read “Black Men and Public Spaces.” (handout) answer questions 1-5. Revise Cause/Effect essay. Prepare presntation
Week 10: Wednesday September 21
Final exam. Time to work on Final Portfolio Project.
  • Final revisions for Portfolio. Prepare for Final exam.
Week 11:Wednesday September 28
  • Portfolios Due. Final Draft of Benchmark Essay Due. Presentations.

: some of you asked for a sample of a compare/contrast essay. This is a student sample from last term.