English 105

Fridays 9:00-12:50

April Quarter: April 18-July 1, 2011

Course at a Glance
In this class students will:
· Complete a minimum of 10 pages of formal writing: 5 out of class essays
· Complete a minimum of 6 pages of informal writing: journals and in class writing
· Read a minimum of 30 pages of college level text
· Develop and use new vocabulary
· Apply rules of grammar and mechanics while writing
· Give one oral presentation
· Prepare a final portfolio


Topic for Discussion/Classroom Work
Reading Assignment
Friday, April 22
Class Introductions. Diagnostic Essay. Reviewing Pre-writing Skills.

· Anne Lamott “Shitty First Drafts” (handout),
Peter Elbow “Freewriting” (handout).
Chapter 2 (pgs 31-46) in the textbook.

Friday, April 29
Syllabus Quiz. Essay Writing - narrative. Critical Reading. Vocabulary and grammar useage. Narrative.

· Read chapter 5 (pgs 95-124), “38 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police” pg 679, “Arrival at Manzanar” pg 684.

Friday, May 6
Workshop Draft of Narrative Essay Due. Workshop guidelines. Vocab Quiz. Revision Activity. Interview Assignment
· Revise Narrative Essay. Read Chapter 6 (pgs 125-152), “Salvation,” Langston Hughes (handout) and answer questions 1-4.

Friday, May 13
Final Draft Narrative Essay Due. Description. Draft of Interview Essay Due

I got everything except the narrative essays read and graded this afternoon. Grades are current other than the essays.
· Interview Essay Read “A Day at the Theme Park” pg 669, “Walking on the Moon” pg 675

Friday, May 20
· Workshop Draft of Description Essay Due. Description, critical reading, grammar. Final Draft of Interview Essay due.
· Read “I Stand Here Ironing” (handout) answer questions 1-4. Revise Description Essay.

Friday, May 27
Final Draft Description Essay Due. Comparison and Contrast, parallel structure, outlining.

· Read “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” pg 625, “My Real Car,” pg 623.

Friday, June 3
· Workshop Draft of Compare/Contrast Essay due.
· Read “Neat People vs Sloppy People” (handout) answer questions 1-5. Revise Compare/Contrast Essay.
Friday, June 10
Final Draft Compare/Contrast Essay Due. Cause/Effect.
· R Read “Mystery” pg 657, “Cell Phones and Social Graces” pg 659.
Friday, June 17
Argument. Workshop Draft of Cause/Effect Essay Due. Time to work on presentations.
· Finish final paper. Prepare presentation
Friday, June 24
Final Draft of Cause/Effect Essay Due. Presentations. Time to work on Final Portfolio Project
· Fi Final revisions for Portfolio. Prepare for Final exam.
Friday, July 1
· Portfolios Due. Final Exam