English 1 – College Composition

Instructor: Melissa Gunby
Phone: 530-508-6501 MWF: 9-9:50 AM
e-mail: msgunby@gmail.com Office Hours: TBA
website: mgunby.wikispaces.com
Course Description:
Corequisite: LR 010. Please note! If you do not attend LR 010 you will be dropped from BOTH LR010 and this class.
English 1 is a writing course which emphasizes critical reading, expository and argumentative writing, and mastery of library research techniques. It includes instruction and practice in critical thinking, in analytical reading and evaluation of written work, and in the methods of clearly communicating and supporting ideas in organized, coherent essays. Students are required to write 6-10 essays, one of which may be a research paper, based on essays, literature read in class, and/or personal experience. Three hours lecture.
Course Goals:
Over the course of this class you will
v Develop and apply critical reading and critical thinking skills to writing
v Demonstrate understanding that writing is a process
v Write essays with a clear and supported thesis
v Develop and apply self- and peer-editing skills, and revising methods
v Demonstrate knowledge of MLA style and documentation
v Participate in critical discussion
v Pass a holistically scored department final exam
Course Overview:
This is a skills building course, and reading and writing will be at the center of the course. We will write several large assignments for this class, and do frequent in-class writing, along with homework and other small assignments.
There will be assigned homework on an almost nightly basis. Homework will be a combination of assignments from the reader and handouts.
Student Learning Outcomes:
Outcome: Identify and evaluate main ideas, themes and logic in college-level reading, and use as the basis for text-based essays.
Success Criteria: Students demonstrate an awareness of a variety of texts and writing styles. Students write clear and organized essay that show control of the standards of written English.
Evaluation/Assessment: Written Essay/Paper, Written Exam, Discussion
Outcome: Write essays that apply proper methods of research and documentation
Success Criteria: Students demonstrate an awareness of a variety of texts and writing styles. Students write clear and organized essay that show control of the standards of written English. Students demonstrate the ability to use MLA documentation
Evaluation/Assessment: Written Assignment
Outcome: Write logical, effective analytical essays which are coherent, well-organized, and well supported.
Success Criteria: Students demonstrate clear writing, effective communication, and organized research.
Evaluation/Assessment: Discussion of assigned readings, written essays, exams; Research paper
Required Texts and Materials:
Please note: You are required to bring all materials to class on the appropriate day.
Chabon, Michael. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. New York: Random House. 2000. Print.
ISBN: 978-0-8129-8358-6
Gray-Rosendale, Laura. Pop Perspectives. New York: McGraw/Hill, 2008. Print
ISBN: 978-0-07-293365-9
Hacker, Diana. A Writer’s Reference: with exercises. 6th ed. Boston, New York: Bedford/St. Martins, 2009. Print
ISBN: 978-0-312-66477-0
Notebook or loose-leaf binder paper for in class writing and note taking
Pens, pencils, highlighters
Internet access is required for this class. All essays and drafts will be submitted online, and many materials will be made available through the website.
Recommended texts/materials:
Collegiate dictionary and thesaurus
Floppy disk, flash drive, or some other external source to save your documents
Participation: 15%
Homework (reading assignments, etc): 20%
Tests and Quizzes: 15%
Workshops (being present, with drafts, active participation in process): 15%
Essays: 35% (4 at 100 points each)
Essays will be graded based on the rubric attached to this syllabus.
Please note: To pass this class, you must earn a "C" or better in your course work.

Course Plan:

Students will complete the following assignments:

4 out of class essays:
Essay 1: Identity
Essay 2: Advertising and Consumption
Essay 3: Course Novel
Essay 4: Television, Music, and Film
1 research project (semester long, due at the end of term)
1 presentation on final research project
Weekly reading responses on selected novel
Weekly readings on course/essay themes

All essays must be submitted online through turnitin.com
Class code: 6705344
Password: Kavalier

Additional homework may be assigned in class.