Instructor: Melissa Gunby Class: ENGL 1C
Office: 846 MW 1:00-2:15 pm
Phone: 530-508-6501 Office Hours: 12:00-1:00 pm MW

English 1C – Critical Thinking/Advanced Composition
“The Zombie Class”

Course Description:

This course covers principles of critical thinking, reading, and writing beyond freshman composition. We will discuss principles of, and the development of, logical and analytical reasoning, argumentative writing, and on the principles of rhetoric (invention, arrangement, style, memory, delivery, modes of discourse, audience).

This course will specifically focus on analysis of the rise in popularity of the zombie narrative in popular culture through reading one academic text, several fictional narratives, and examining some recent film/television productions. Writing topics will relate in broad scope to the specific topics covered in discussion of the course readings as well as current events/American life.

Required Texts and Materials:

Austen, Jane and Seth Grahame-Smith. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Philadelphia: Quirk Books. 2009. Print.
ISBN: 978-1-59474-334-4

Boluk, Stephanie and Wylie Lenz. Generation Zombie: Essays on the Living Dead in Modern Culture. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland. 2011. Print.
ISBN: 978-0786461400 This text has been ordered by the bookstore.

Bourne, J.L. Day by Day Armageddon. New York: Pocket Books.2009. Print.
ISBN: 978-1-4391-7667-2

Brooks, Max. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. New York: Crown Publishers. 2006. Print.
ISBN: 978-0-307-35193-7

Lunsford, Andrea A. and John J. Ruszkiewicz. Everything’s an Argument. 5th Edition. New York: Bedford/St. Martins. 2009. Print.
ISBN: 978-0312538620 This text has been ordered by the bookstore.

Kirkman, Robert, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn. The Walking Dead: Book 1. Berkeley: Image Comics. 2010. Print.
ISBN: 978-1582406190 This text is a collection of issues 1-12 of the graphic novel. You need to have all 12 issues; I don’t have a preference to whether you buy the single volume or get individual issues.

Other readings will be provided as electronic copies or on handouts.

I have several of these texts in electronic copy (Kindle). You may use whatever media you prefer instead of traditional paperback, like Kindle, Nook, other e-reader, or iPad, so long as you have a full copy of the text.

We will also be screening the following films/television:
Dawn of the Dead (2004) (101 minutes)
Shaun of the Dead (2004) (99 minutes)
Walking Dead (AMC: 2010) (varies)