English 360

MWF 10:30-11:55 Vacaville Center

English 360 – Accelerated English

Instructor: Melissa Gunby
Phone: 530-508-6501 MWF: 10:30-11:55 AM
e-mail: msgunby@gmail.com Office Hours: TBA
website: mgunby.wikispaces.com

Course Description:
English 360 is a 5-unit “accelerated” class in developmental English that a student may choose to take in place of English 305, 355, 370 or 380. This means you have the opportunity to move from developmental English courses up to English 1 in one semester, regardless of your placement score.

A one-semester accelerated class is nearly as much work as two semester-length classes in our regular sequence, and so will require much more reading and writing than 355 or 370, and the assignments will be more complex. Our accelerated class will demand college-level reading and writing starting from the beginning of the semester, rather than starting with easier tasks and then moving to harder ones. These more difficult assignments along with the 5-unit nature of the class means that you will need to devote at least ten hours a week outside of class to the course (so that you will have time to do the reading, thinking, and writing needed to pass) and that you will commit to a growth mindset, meaning that if you are confused by or even fail an assignment (as happens to nearly everyone at one time or another) you commit to trying again and again until you gain the skill to master the difficult task.

Class activities: This class is a writing workshop. This means you will be doing a lot of thinking/reading/writing, a lot of rewriting, and a lot of talking with your classmates about whether a piece of writing is effective or not. You will be sharing your writing with your classmates, and you will be helping each other improve (along with a considerable amount of help from me as well). I am telling you this because I want you to become comfortable with the idea that this class is a community of writers, readers and thinkers, each of whom has a unique perspective and opinion to communicate to the rest of the class. I am often surprised and enlightened by what you write, and I am sure you will enjoy sharing your opinions with each other also.

This is a Pass/No Pass course

Over the course of the semester, you will write essays which demonstrate:
  • the ability to present a thesis and to develop it through coherent paragraphs with controlling ideas;
  • the ability to critically read and analyze college level essays while identifying the controlling idea and main points;
  • the ability to synthesize ideas from reading with personal experience;
  • an awareness of the need to credit sources;
  • the abilities to use a variety of sentence patterns and the standard conventions of written English correctly.

Course Goals:
Over the course of this class you will
v Develop and apply critical reading and critical thinking skills to writing
v Demonstrate understanding that writing is a process
v Write essays with a clear and supported thesis
v Develop and apply self- and peer-editing skills, and revising methods
v Demonstrate knowledge of MLA style and documentation
v Participate in critical discussion
v Pass a holistically scored department final exam

Required Texts and Materials:
Please note: You are required to bring all materials to class on the appropriate day.

Grandin, Temple. Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism. New York: Vintage Books, 1995. Print

Slater, Lauren. Opening Skinners’s Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century.New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2004. Print.

Collegiate dictionary and thesaurus
Notebook or loose-leaf binder paper for in class writing and note taking
Pens, pencils, highlighters

Internet access is required for this class. All essays and drafts will be submitted online, and many materials will be made available through the website.

Recommended texts/materials:
Floppy disk, flash drive, or some other external source to save your documents