Welcome to English 370

Tuesdays, 6:15-9:05 room 702

Solano Community College

Below you will find various resources for class, including handouts and links.

All students should be completing part II of the lab and have 16 hours logged by Friday, April 29th, or risk receiving NO CREDIT in the lab and class.

upcoming (brief) class schedule:
Class Activity
Final Exam Date: CME scores given, portfolios returned

Diana Hacker: Pocket Style Manual This site allows you to access additional materials from the handbook we're using for class. You do not need to register for access to student resources. Just click on "cancel" when you reach the registration page and it will take you through.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's page at Project Gutenberg click here to access the files that you can download to get the text requirement for this compare/contrast assignment

here is the .pdf copy I downloaded from the above website, if you just wish to take this one.

The dvd is available through Netflix if you need to refresh your memory.

This activity was done in class on 4/12. Here is the handout if you want a complete copy including the extra questions we did in class that weren't part of that handout.